Product View Count

WooCommerce is a popular e-commerce plugin for the WordPress platform. The Product View Count feature allows store owners to track how many times a product page has been viewed on their website.

👉 Features of Product View Count

The Product View Count feature in WooCommerce typically includes the following features

  • View count tracking: The feature tracks and records the number of times a product page has been viewed on the website.
  • View count display: The view count can be displayed on the product page, in the product list, or in the admin area, depending on the configuration.
  • View count threshold: Store owners can set a threshold for the number of views, and any products that exceed that threshold will be tagged.
  • Tag management: Store owners can create and manage tags based on the view count of products, and use them to create product lists or collections on the website.
  • Marketing tool: The view count data can be used to inform marketing and sales decisions, such as creating targeted marketing campaigns and promotions.
  • Inventory management: The view count data can help store owners to identify which products may need to be restocked or which products may be overstocked.
  • Reporting: The feature may also include a reporting feature, that allows store owners to analyze the view count data over time, and see how it changes.
  • Customizable: The feature may also be customizable, so store owners can change the way it works to fit their needs.





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